Excellent Partition Table Doctor saved my backup data!


I believe that many users have come across such issues as drives are mis-deleted, lost or unable to accessed, and most of them are to format or repartition the drives. Consequently, some important data might be missing and lead to unexpected disasters.

I had such an experience not long ago. Fortunately, I didn’t manage it as aforementioned but to turn to a marvelous partition tool to successfully repair my sick drive. What impressed me most is that all my data was still in good condition. Thanks Goddess! I would like to share my experience with anybody who undergoes a same issue lest any unexpected loss.

Last month, my PC was attacked by virus and the C: drive was badly corrupt. All of my recovery attempts were in vain and I was forced to move my data from ‘My Documents’ to the H: Drive, afterwards, I formatted the C: drive and reinstalled WinXP. After the installation, surprisingly, I was unable to access the H: drive and was prompted it ought to be formatted. That was to say, I was unable to access my backup in H: drive. What I worried about was that my backup might be damaged after formatting, which would lead to a great loss of money, because it contained that much important business data on my clients. Dilemma as it was, I decided to turn to professional partition recovery software. With the help of Internet, I found some pieces of this, and EASEUS Partition Table Doctor seemed to be the right one for my case. I had to say it was a piece of cake to execute such a powerful tool. Running for the first time, it told me there was a mistake with my H: drive and asked me whether to ‘Fixboot’ it. Then, I chose Auto mode. Wow, miracle! It restored my H: drive in one minute. After reboot, I was able to access my H: drive again, and the most important of all, the entire backup there was in good condition. I was too excited to express myself. Thanks a million to the developer of EASEUS Partition Table Doctor.

By the way, it was easy to operate with detailed tips and the developer offered a demo version here, http://www.ptdd.com.

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