YOUR Best Fit: An online course that will help you achieve your weight and fitness goals for life!



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Stop the Insanity
Do you know Einstein’s definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If that sounds like your experience with losing weight and/or getting into shape, then stop the insanity and join Darcy and Kim on a 6-week journey that will guide you to the better version of you that you always wanted to be.

Life is Too Short not to live your Best Life
Join Darcy and Kim, two sisters, who (finally) said “no” to yo-yo diets, fitness fads, and quick – but unsustainable – fixes; found the for-life fix for achieving and maintaining weight and fitness goals; and lost 120+ pounds while gaining fitness, better health, and a lot more!

Let them guide you on YOUR journey to achieving your weight and/or fitness goals in a gradual, sane, empowering and sustainable way.

Let them guide you to YOUR Best Fit.

  • YOUR Best Fit is a 6-week online class with daily “lessons” consisting of motivational messages, insightful information, thought-provoking and action-oriented activities, and practical guides to positive change will help you start achieving your weight and fitness goals in a positive, gradual way that you can – and will want to – maintain for life.
  • The course is set up on a Monday – Sunday schedule. Every Monday you will be introduced to the theme of the week, with the rest of the week supporting or supplementing that theme.
  • In addition to the daily “lessons” sent by e-mail, you will have access to a password-protected website with additional tools to support your journey.
  • An audio version of each day’s lesson will be available on the password-protected website, in addition to the written lesson. Read or listen to the lesson depending on which suits you or your day’s schedule best.
  • You will also become a part of the private Your Best Fit Facebook community, a source of information and support. (Optional)

Go to and sign up today so that you can start living Your Best Fit life!

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