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FLEETCOR, a global provider of euroShell cards, appears in top 15 the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

This year, Forbes has represented the list of the top 25 Most Innovative Companies. <a href=”https://fleetcorcards.be/”>FleetCor Technologies</a>, Inc. took the 14th place in it, overpassing Marriott International, LG Household & Health Care, and Netflix.
FLEETCOR is one of the top 15 most innovative companies in the world by Forbes magazine
Each year, the international magazine Forbes publishes its Top 100 World’s Most Innovative Companies list. In 2016, financial media platform decided to create an additional ranking – Top 25 Most Innovative Companies.
The new list differs by including not only companies that can be considered innovative at the present moment but also businesses that are expected to be innovative in the future. Pleasant to realize that FleetCor Technologies, Inc. is among the latter ones. The company’s financial indicators have proved that it will continue to come up with new profitable growth in the future.
FLEETCOR, an official provider of euroShell cards
FLEETCOR is an actively growing company cooperating with more than 800 oil enterprises across the world offering high level of service, that is accessible 24 hours per week. The firm provides specialized payment products and services such as fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discount cards, etc. FLEETCOR’s aim is to help in optimizing fuel consumption and managing fleets better. Recently FLEETCOR has improved their mobile application in order to make it even more easy and understandable for customers with updated interface and new useful navigator functions. It is also possible to control all your fuel operations due to new advanced functional.
One of the most successful FLEETCOR and Shell cooperation’s project is the <a href=”https://fleetcorcards.be/meer-weten”>euroShell cards</a>. The company has created a special payment management system for Shell, enabling its members to manage and to coordinate all drivers’ purchases in one place. Furthermore, a euroShell card is working throughout Europe, that gives a chance to any enterprise within the EU to derive benefits from cooperation with Shell for in order to improving e its own business. Moreover, new station locator is also worth to be mentioned, because it is a new useful service for drivers who have to overcome long distances. Due to this service it is always easy to find the nearest Shell fuel station or additionally partner fuel stations. The information about shops, hotels, restrooms and 24/7 services is also presented there. There are even more benefits that customers and partners can have from using FLEETCOR cards. All information is accessible on FLEETCOR’s website.

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