Gutter Helmet Makes Over the Social Media Space with Innovative Contest


Company Will Award Home Improvement Prize to Winner.

Jacksonville, FL, January 17, 2012 — Gutter Helmet, the original gutter protection system, recently unveiled a new social media contest targeted at homeowners looking to improve their homes. To enter the contest, Facebook fans must write about the part of their home that needs a makeover, competing for a grand prize from Home Depot. The catch: entries must be in haiku form.

As a fun way to thank their Facebook followers, Gutter Helmet is running its Home Improvement Haiku Contest from now through January 31, 2012. To enter, go to Gutter Helmet’s “My Home Rules” page on Facebook and click “Like.”

Entrants can tell the world about the ancient paneling in their den, or their 70’s-era bathroom fixtures, as long as they do it in only 17 syllables. As everyone remembers from grammar school, a haiku is a three line poem, consisting of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables, like so:

This is a haiku
But not a very good one
You get the idea

The winner will receive a Home Depot gift card, and the accolades of thousands of Facebook fans.

“We wanted to thank our Facebook followers in a fun way,” said Jim Reddington, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers care about improving their homes – on both the inside and the outside – and this gives them the opportunity to fix up that long-overdue home improvement project, courtesy of Gutter Helmet.”

Gutter Helmet’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages allow the company to share exciting home improvement news while interacting with users in a fun online community. Their “My Home Rules” page lets Facebook users share DIY tips and home improvement triumphs, while learning how to make the most of their homes from other DIY and home improvement enthusiasts.

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Gutter Helmet makes gutter guard systems that eliminate blockages, preventing damage to roofs, foundations, and siding, and conducting rainwater efficiently through the rain carrying system. Gutter Helmet products also improve your home and makes maintenance simpler because you will never clean your gutters again®.

About Gutter Helmet:

Founded in 1979 by Robert Demartini, Gutter Helmet pioneered a new market in gutter guards and gutter protection with its innovative “nose-forward” design that sloughed off debris while allowing water to flow into the gutter using capillary action. Gutter Helmet’s technology was so superior to the mesh screens used in gutters since the 1960s that it was awarded seven patents for gutter protection.

In 2005, Gutter Helmet was acquired by Southeastern Metals, owned by Gibraltar Industries, a billion-dollar company in the field of metal craftsmanship for the home. Visit Gutter Helmet on the web at
Gutter Helmet Makes Over the Social Media Space with Innovative Contest

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