Hibernian Publishing Holds Book Launch for Ria:Remnant of the Khan


Summary: Local author, Woody Keller, presented himself along with his first book, Ria: Remnant

of the Khan, to well over 100 book lovers attended the event at the Toms River Country Club on
Thursday, May 19, 2016.
May 31, 2016: A Book Release Reception by Hibernian Publishing LLC was held on Thursday, May
19, 2016. The new suspense novel, Ria: Remnant of the Khan, was introduced to the public for the
first time. The event, held at the Toms River Country Club, was a huge success. The crowd, on hand
to get a signed first edition from the author Woody Keller, included many notables from near and far.
Woody Keller, a first-time author and banker, graciously signed books for all attendees. With over 100 books
available, Ria: Remnant of the Khan, was completely sold out.
Speaking to media, a spokesperson from Hibernian Publishing stated, “This event, by all standards,
was a fabulous hit. Woody did an excellent job presenting his book to friends and avid readers. His
friendly demeanor and willingness to personally inscribe his book were well met by the attendees.”
Ria: Remnant of the Khan is a suspense thriller that delivers on all cylinders. The story takes place in
the rough mountains of Afghanistan and the politically charged atmosphere of Washington, DC. A
love triangle is formed around three characters, Chris Gage, a true war hero, Ria Brenni, a female war lord and Denise Danielle, a television news anchor. In addition, a terrorist plot works its way
through the background.
When contacted, Terry Adams of Knoxville had this to offer. “Ria has it all. The story is captivating and
the characters are believable. The themes, though, poke at the readers leaving them thinking, I’ve felt like
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