Home Exchanging comes to India – Make friends while traveling the world without spending on Accommodation.


Headline Items:
Home Exchanging will allow Extended holidays without any spend on accommodation.
This partnership between the world’s leading home exchange service (HomeExchange.com) and India’s leading holiday rental company (Tripvillas.com) will bring awareness of this concept and 24/7 customer support to Customers in the region.
HomeExchange and Tripvillas are conducting a range of activities to build awareness of the concept through media and events which will enable two way travel allowing foreigners to visit and experience the vibrancy of India in a spirit of mutual friendship and oneness.
This partnership puts the sharing back in the “Sharing Economy”.
Dedicated co-branded landing page : https://bitly.com/HomeExchangeIndia

Bangalore, 8 December 2016: TripVillas and HomeExchange have partnered to introduce a new travel concept in India – one that enables Indian leisure travelers and holiday home owners the opportunity to travel the globe without any spend on accommodation. Accommodations include castles in France, houseboats in Amsterdam, townhomes in New York City, beachfront luxury villas in Australia…to name just a few.

HomeExchange, the world’s most active and trusted home sharing community, has facilitated more than 1 million successful exchanges since 1992, and connects 65,000 members in 150 countries. Members exchange primary, secondary, and rental homes, apartments, homestays, boats, and even guest rooms in bed & breakfasts. The website was also prominently featured in the blockbuster Hollywood movie “The Holiday”.

The concept is simple: Members exchange stays in their homes – hosting other members, while they’re there or away, through Direct and Indirect Exchanges. Direct Exchanges are reciprocal, “I stay in yours. You stay in mine.”. Indirect Exchanges, via the company’s new Passport™ program, allow more flexibility and travelers don’t need to worry about finding members who want to stay in their homes or visit their areas.

Financial transactions between members are prohibited, ensuring all stays remain 100% free of charge and removing the incentive for Financial Fraud on the network. There are no per day or per exchange fees of any kind. Aside from a small yearly membership fee, the platform is completely free to use for unlimited exchanges. Exchangers rest assured that community integrity and respect of guidelines are monitored by an internal Trust & Safety Team.

The joint partnership between TripVillas and HomeExchange aims to bring over 50,000 Asian members onto the home sharing platform over the next 24 months. In addition to international swaps, the companies expect to see a high volume of inter-India exchanging once members get accustomed to the easy-to-use platform tools and flexible exchange options. HomeExchange members have been requesting more and more exchange opportunities in this market, and both companies are confident that Indians will embrace this new concept, appreciating the value of national and international travel opportunities it presents.

Private homes typically provide three times the space as five-star hotel rooms and the added benefits of access to a kitchen, multiple TVs and a backyard while traveling are priceless. Home exchangers quickly become addicted to the luxury of staying in a borrowed home away from home when traveling. Not having to pay for accommodations means travelers have more money to spend holidays, they can vacation more often and longer, and weekend getaways can be commonplace.

TripVillas, with almost 200,000 holiday homes available for commercial rent on their platform, many of whom also propose B&B style accommodations and homestays, is now promoting HomeExchange services to Indians wishing to swap their primary and second homes, as well as luxury rental home owners looking to transform vacancies into free stays worldwide. TripVillas is also providing local dedicated customer support in India to assist those interested in learning more about Home Exchanging and guidance on how to benefit from the service.

“TripVillas and HomeExchange are both dedicated to providing unique experiences that give travel meaning. TripVillas has loyal travelers looking for authentic and off-the-beaten path experiences, not to mention a spectacular vacation rental portfolio in a highly desirable part of the world,” said Jim Pickell, President of HomeExchange. “We provide an innovative and valuable opportunity to share homes that otherwise remain empty. We’re optimistic about this community’s reception of HomeExchange and excited about expanding exchange opportunities in a region that our members are increasingly seeking.”

Mr. Roshan D’Silva, CEO of TripVillas said, “We are happy to announce the availability of the Home Exchange product to our customers and owners. I personally love the Home Exchange model and by partnering with the leading company in this space, I believe we will bring to consumers in Asia, the world’s most mature and trustworthy platform. We have worked closely with HomeExchange to customise the platform to Asia’s needs and we look forward to facilitating millions of happy vacations every year. There can be no better way to holiday for months in some of the world’s largest cities without spending a single dollar. I expect everyone in Asia who has a gorgeous home to adopt this product. Why would you not?”

About HomeExchange.com
Founded by Ed Kushins, a pioneer of the “collaborative consumption” movement, HomeExchange has facilitated over one million home swaps since 1992. It was featured in 2006 in the cult movie “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. In 2015, 65,000 HomeExchange members made 130,000 home swaps across 150 countries. HomeExchange makes it easy to plan and enjoy a home exchange vacation and offers a memorable, authentic experience while giving travel real meaning. It was voted “Best Site for Booking Your Stay 2016” by readers of USA TODAY and 10Best.

Website: https://www.homeexchange.com/

Membership price for 12 months: USD $150 for unlimited exchanges with no additional charges. For Launch, Tripvillas and HomeExchange have discounted the membership price to $100 for 12 months.

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About TripVillas
Tripvillas, founded by Roshan D’Silva in early 2010, proposes holiday home and homestay reservations as opposed to hotels and resorts. This is a win-win proposition where owners who use such properties rarely make additional income and travelers stay in large spacious family homes in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Tripvillas, headquartered in Singapore, has many innovations to its credit – including being the first marketplace to launch Instant Bookings, the first to support Holiday Communities (recent property developments where multiple families have purchased holiday homes in private complexes), and also the first marketplace to support Holiday Rental Agencies who manage multiple homes on behalf of non-resident owners through their own dedicated pages. TripVillas is primarily owned by it’s management team with funding from NRF – Government of Singapore and other Venture Capital funds.

Website: http://www.tripvillas.com/

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Vinayak Koli
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Dedicated co-branded landing page : https://bitly.com/HomeExchangeIndia

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