IPTEGO Launching PALLADION Fraud Detection and Prevention for a Real-Time Protection Against Toll Fraud


IPTEGO presents PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention, an innovative protection for CSPs and their customers against toll fraud.

Berlin, Germany, February 08, 2012 — IPTEGO presents PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention, an innovative protection for CSPs and their customers against toll fraud.

With PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention, IPTEGO provides an answer to a growing demand for more network security when it comes to toll fraud. Today’s Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are reportedly facing increasing issues with upcoming attacks from hackers, who not only hit the service providers with their attacks, but also affect significantly their customer base and the service quality they experience.

According to a recent survey from the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), the global fraud loss estimate for 2011 was $40.1 Billion USD (31 Mrd. Euro), whereas small businesses are equally hit as large CSPs. “Existing methods to detect toll fraud rely on the CDR’s from your switch and these need to be correlated from multiple sites. This can take tens of minutes up to multiple of hours. By this time, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost. PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention spots these attacks in 2-3 seconds and closes them down in real-time, according to your policy via the SBC or other network elements “ says Richard Jobson, President of Teraquant, a technology partner of IPTEGO based in Colorado, USA.

Based on the proven PALLADION monitoring and customer experience technology, IPTEGO is extending its product portfolio of the PALLADION Software Suite with a solution specialized in the fraud protection of LTE, IMS, and VoIP networks. The flexible and lightweight installed solution adapts with ease to the requirements of smaller carriers and larger Tier 1 carriers as well. “The beauty of PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention comes from its high usability, and of course from the detection and prevention of fraudulent incidents in near real-time, which allows a very fast reaction upon the fraud attacks. This helps service providers to stop fraud before significant operational losses occur”, explained Ulrich Abend, COO of IPTEGO.

The mechanism behind the performance of PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention relies on an automated behavior analysis, a strategy that is difficult to scam. By analyzing and detecting the symptoms of fraud incidents in the network rather than looking for the reasons of how such an incident could happen, the solution provides an unique value, as any PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention user is protected against fraud attacks no matter of the attack method. Once an increasing set of deviations occur in the user specific behavioral patterns and a critical threshold has been passed, PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention intervenes actively by raising an alert message to the user in real-time. The user then can pro-actively decide if this call needs to be blocked by a special SBC API integration.

PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention is not only very efficient and fast in the process of detecting fraud, but also is a smart solution that doesn’t necessarily require a configuration, as it comes with a pre-set of rules that can be used right away. Furthermore, PALLADION Fraud Detection & Prevention is self-learning and keeps track of evolving trends in the user behavior, which makes it a future-proof solution against all types of future attack methods.

IPTEGO provides Next Generation Network optimization. The world’s major Communications Service Providers rely on IPTEGO’s PALLADION Software Suite to enhance their ROI from IP-based core networks such as LTE, IMS and VoIP. PALLADION analyzes Next Generation Networks from any vendor to provide real-time network intelligence, troubleshooting, customer experience monitoring, fraud prevention and seamless integration of third-party products. Utilizing PALLADION allows operators to securely and quickly migrate to IP-based networks, reduce operational costs, generate additional revenue and minimize churn.

To learn more about IPTEGO, please visit: www.iptego.com

About Teraquant
Founded in 2001, Teraquant is an owner-operated Test Solutions company staffed with technical specialists with decades of experience in Telecommunications Test and Monitoring. Teraquant is dedicated to supply test solutions that precisely match the needs of its customers and support them with an in-depth expertise with proactive and immaculate professionalism in network deployments and value added services. The company’s customers include most of the major leading telecom equipment vendors and service providers in North America.

Teraquant Corporation is a Value-Added Integrator for Voice and VoIP Network Management and test solutions and is a long-term technology partner and distributor of IPTEGO. To learn more about Teraquant, please visit: http://www.teraquant.com

The Communications Fraud Control Association: “The Global Fraud Loss Survey 2011”. To request the report of the Global Fraud Loss Survey 2011, please contact: [email protected]
IPTEGO Launching PALLADION Fraud Detection and Prevention for a Real-Time Protection Against Toll Fraud

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