Jens Oliver Meiert Publishes New Book, “On Web Development”


Hamburg, July 2, 2015—German author, philosopher, adventurer, artist, and web developer Jens Oliver Meiert releases his new and fifth book, “On Web Development.”

“On Web Development bundles 134 articles and the last 11 years of technical writings by Jens Oliver Meiert ( Freshly reordered and commented, the articles cover processes and maintenance, HTML and CSS, standards, as well as development and design in general; they range from coding basics and principles, to carefully scathing criticism, to tips and tricks and trivia.”

In a comment on his website, Meiert says he’s content but working on a number of other books. He confirms he’s “in talks with O’Reilly on a book about coding guidelines” (his third for the renowned tech publisher), and that a book about his travels would be “edited as we speak.” Meiert had just concluded an 18-month solo trip around the world in February.

You can learn more about Jens Oliver Meiert on and at O’Reilly.

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