Jens Oliver Meiert Releases New Book, “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks”


Hamburg, March 9, 2015—Author, philosopher, adventurer, artist, and web developer Jens Oliver Meiert and O’Reilly Media publish new book, “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks.”

Web frameworks are of increasing importance in modern web development, yet there is little documentation available on how to best develop and use them. Former Google Tech Lead Jens Oliver Meiert published The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks to give a better picture at what work with quality frameworks entails.

The short treatise covers all relevant aspects of framework usage and development, from a definition to examples to ground rules to common issues, and is available as a free download at O’Reilly. A print version is in preparation.

You can learn more about Jens Oliver Meiert on and at O’Reilly.

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