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kutti Machine
Kutti machine has a great importance in the field of agricultural industry. It is used in manufacturing of flour from wheat. Manufacturing of flour from wheat include involve a large amount of process. Firstly wheat is checked and inspected so that the unwanted wheat can be removed. Then the wheat is weighed.

After that impurities like dirt, stone are removed. Then it is immersed in water to remove the outer layer. Then the wheat is break into small fine particles by a machine equipped with rollers. It passes through stiffer. By repeated grinding and sifting wheat turned into white flour.

Our company provides greater quality of Kutti machine that perform efficiently and can perform multiple task with no difficulty. Our product range is cost effective and cheap. We have experienced professionals who have expertise in providing greater quality of Kutti machine. We provide greater quality of raw material and equipments that are used in the manufacturing of Kutti machine.

The design, engineering, and manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing Kutti Machine is of excellent quality. Moreover, these products have undergone proper security checks so that no faulty machine is supplied. Our services are very responsive.
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In the today’s competitive world , Bhadriya agro engineers is one of the leading company in the Rajasthan in the field of agriculture implements established in. It is situated near Khatod Petrol Pump, Chomu, Distt , Jaipur(Rajasthan). We have contributing to agricultural growth since more than two decades.
We have a qualified and experienced working team who has a vast experience in the field of agricultural engineering. We use superior quality of raw materials and equipments for the manufacturing of machines. We have great and huge network across the Rajasthan. Our transport facilities are satisfactory and up to the mark.
All the machines like threshers, seed driller, disc plough etc. provided by us are built on latest technology. The machines provided by us are fully tested before delivery to ensure quality product. Our services are very responsive and we deliver the products timely.
Our goal is to become the best agricultural company in India. Our Company has been certified as ISO 9001:2008 by BSCIC.

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