Luxury Electronic Cigarettes: a Niche that Can Include all Potential Customers?


Whenever a new product appears on the market, after an initial battle on prices (with general loss of quality), there is a clear diversification on specific niches: customers must consequently (and wisely) choose from all the different offers.

At one extreme, you find “entry level” products, cheap and often with low quality standards. At the opposite extreme you find products with high aesthetic standards built with highest standards of quality.

The market of electronic cigarettes follows the same rules.

The electronic cigarettes market offers a huge amount of products, almost always from Eastern production. They cannot always boast excellent quality with regard to materials, manufacturing processes and design level.

From the initial massive production, in which it was often difficult to choose the most suitable product for ones needs, it is steadily becoming a new way of conceiving the manufacturing process of electronic cigarette, using quality materials and construction techniques of high profile.

Smokitaly announces its approach the potential market of luxury electronic cigarettes trying to respond to a couple of questions:

  1. Who are the potential buyers in an hypothetical “luxury market” of electronic cigarettes?
  2. Which is the cost of a luxury electronic cigarette and, even more important, which are the characteristics of a luxury electronic cigarette?

Dario Beccaria, CEO of Smokitaly says: “Let’s make a simple calculation: a person smoking a pack of traditional cigarettes per day, spends (very optimistically!) about 5 $ per day, each and every day. 1825 $ in a whole year. For the e- liquids will be spent an average of $ 1.5 per day, or about $ 550 per year, who moves to electronic smoking saves at least (1850 – 550) 1300$ per year,

of course the main reason for switching to electronic cigarettes is the reduction of risks related to the thousands chemicals inside the normal cigarettes. Still the savings are significant.

For this reason Dario Beccaria, CEO of Smokitaly gives the first question the answer: “Everyone! Everyone leaving tobacco and turning to electronic cigarettes can actually afford this choice and cost simply investing a PART of what they saved from quitting traditional smoking.

Is it worth spending $ 500 (or more) for an electronic cigarette with an elegant design, made with quality materials, on the basis of a draft that guarantees safety and faultless operation? Dario insists: “Yes! On the market of smartphones and tables, thanks to a highly effective marketing,people is willing to invest huge money in order to get the best solution, the most updated, elegant and functional device as possible . Why should it be different for electronic cigarettes, on which we rely on with the hope of a healthier and safer future not to mention the big savings over time?

Smokitaly is the first and only Luxury Electronic Cigarette Wholesale in the world, introducing high quality products that can be interesting for anyone choosing to turn from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, reducing pathologies and costs. Luxury products that anyone can afford! All Smokitaly products are strictly made in italy, a synonym of elegance and design, precious materials, technical characteristics, certificated and tested, absolutely excellent,” Said Dario.

Smokitaly: when luxury becomes saving.

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