Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell on KBCN Radio “Financial Breeze” TODAY at 12pm to Talk about the ZID Vision LAUNCH Party!


January 21, 2015 Atlanta, GA.  Today, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell will be a guest on KBCN Radio “Financial Breeze” at 12pm to discuss the upcoming Leading Through Living Vision LAUNCH Party this Friday.  “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share the Zenith of Intentional Design Vision Launch Party with KBCN’s million-plus listens!  Many vision board parties are focused on pictures an positive aspirations.  The ZID is focused on creating a plan to make the visions reality.”

The Vision LAUNCH Party is a “working fun” session where participants create the vision for their immediate and long term goals AND create a plan to LAUNCH those dreams into ACTION – and make them REALITY.  Attendees will hear success stories from 2014 ZID participants, prepare their own LAUNCH boards, and have a great time meeting people on track for 2015 successes!

The session will be facilitated by Leadership Champion and Leading Through Living Community CEO Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell at the Emerald Office Park Conference Center located at 6810 Roswell Road Roswell, GA 30328.  It will begin at 7pm and go until 10pm.


For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or call 866-611-3753.


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LTLC is comprised of BOLD Favor Magazine, the Sugarplum Renaissance, CHROME, and Leadership Champion & Speaker Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell.