Michelle DuQuesnay Wants You to Kickstart Your Path to Bliss


Most people have the desire to keep a journal but staring at a blank page with pen in hand can be a little daunting. The ABJ is the perfect solution. It’s structured so you have a place to start, but it’s unstructured so you can be creative.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – JUNE 1ST 2012 – Michelle has always had a love/ hate relationship with journals. She loved writing in them but always found them lacking somehow, leading her to abandon them after a few weeks. This inspired her to create her own journal, simply called, “The Adding Bliss Journal” named for her lifestyle blog, Adding Bliss, which was named for her constant quest to find balance in the chaos we call the modern world.


Michelle, who also provides illustrations for the journal, drew inspiration for the design of the journal from other journals, books & her life experiences living with ADHD. “It’s structured and unstructured at the time same time. It allows you to be creative & productive and it’s fun,” she explains.


Michelle has decided to self publish her journal with a project on popular crowd funding website, Kickstarter.com. “I was drawn to Kickstarter because it’s a way to get your ideas quickly and easily into the hands of people who really want it. There’s something really exciting about pouring your heart in soul into a dream and having 45 days to convince the world to help you make it happen.”


In her many lives, Michelle DuQuesnay has been an interior decorative painter, candle designer, fashion stylist, fashion designer, jewelry designer, newsletter editor, event coordinator, writer & cake designer. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, yorkie & turtle.



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