NSS Group introduces cloud server to 19 countries


Flexibility is the main advantage of using cloud server. The specifications of cloud server can be adjusted based on the events / activities you are planning to have. You are only required to pay the exact amount based on your usage.
NSS Group provides clients with reliable Cloud Server at affordable price in addition to its many choices of data location. NSS Group introduces cloud server to 19 countries which includes Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Montreal, Chicago, San Jose, Dallas, Buffalo, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Vancouver, London, Frankfurt and Jakarta in order to meet our clients’ requirement.

The cloud server provided by NSS Group is using SSD hard disk that has faster access time and is nearly 100 times faster than the typical HDD. SSD also provides better performance and reliability as it has no moving parts. Yet, the price by having cloud server in NSS Group is much lower than competitors. Furthermore, NSS Group provides 365-24-7 technical support services.
For more details, you may refer to the comparison table between NSS and with other industry players at http://www.nss.com.tw/host/Host_webformat.php

To order online, please refer to this link https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/cart/-cloud-server-/&step=0

By reloading USD 3,000 as prepaid, you will be awarded with 10% incentive (worth USD 300) that could be used in availing for all the services provided by NSS Group except internet advertising.
For more inquiries, please call our 24-hour hotline +8862-4499-314 or live chat with us at www.n9s.com

NSS Group Introduction:
NSS Group was founded in 2001 and has served more than 30,000 customers globally. They are considered as one of the IT outsourcing leaders for SMEs in Asia. They provide the core services needed for websites such as hosting services, e-commerce, Internet marketing, business software, enterprise IT outsourcing, other IT services and Information required for enterprise services.

NSS official website: www.n9s.com

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