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Darien, CT ( PressAbout ) January 3, 2011 – For people lucky enough to get to spend time in Paris, a new “Paris Food Markets” iPhone app will soon be available at the App Store.

Most people associate Paris with great restaurants, museums, hotels, cafes and parks, but they may not realize that the city also houses a great number of wonderful food markets, as well. For first time visitors to the “City of Gastronomie,” or even seasoned travelers who have been to Paris many times, a visit to the food markets is an essential part of their exposure to the famous French “Art of Living.”

Some of the markets are close to tourist areas, some are somewhat off the beaten path, and almost all of them deserve to be seen, smelled and tasted, not to mention photographed. Each market has its unique feel and character, and one doesn’t have to be a food connoisseur to appreciate it.

The iPhone app was conceived by award-winning film creator and director Kit-Yin Snyder. Kit has offices in the great cities of New York and Rome, but it was her love of Paris and good food that inspired her to create the iPhone app. Mobile Apps are a new venture for Kit. Previously, her work has been featured at the reputed Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals. Kit wanted to experiment with Mobile Apps and use her creativity and artistic ability to create something with broad appeal yet interesting.

After reviewing a number of developers to help her create the application, Kit took her concept to Darien, Connecticut based Quartus Technology, a Mobile Application Development firm experienced in creating sophisticated, feature-rich multimedia mobile apps. The developers at Quartus were thrilled to work with the acclaimed film director, and participated in an exchange of ideas. Kit presented her concept and vision for the app, and the Quartus team explained the functionality that could be included, like Geo-Location and Google Maps integration.

While the software development team was building Kit’s app, Kit and her crew went on location to Paris to do the filiming and editing. Despite unusually cold weather in Paris, Kit managed to shoot all of the markets that may be of interest to visitors.

The iPhone app gives the user a map of Paris by arrondissement (district). The user can select a specific neighborhood, and see all the Food Markets that are located there. The app provides days and hours of operation as well, and the user can easily get a listing of currently-open markets at any time and in any district.

With footage shot using Kit’s skills as a filmmaker, the user can get a clear picture of each food market’s character before they venture out. The video captures the different offerings available at each market, as well as the patrons and vendors, as well as the general feel of the place.

The App also allows the user to geo-locate their position and get directions to the food market they are interested in. Furthermore, the app also contains a bus and subway map, and comes with a Euro/Dollar converter.

This app is highly recommended for any traveler who wants to venture outside of the most common tourist destinations and experience a lesser-known, but remarkable, side of Paris gastronomy. Experiencing the bustling Food Markets of Paris will certainly become a treasured memory from the time you spent at one of the world’s greatest cities.

Kit-Yin Snyder’s website is She is presently in New York City and is currently working on other Travel Related Apps.

Quartus Technology, the mobile app development firm, is located in Darien, CT, and is currently serving clients across the United States as well as the New York City Tri-State area.

Paris Food Markets is now available for purchase at $2.99 on the Apple App Store. Click here to download the App

The Paris Food markets Iphone App, offering a priceless experience exploring this wonderful city, is available now for $2.99. More information about the app can be seen on the App website at

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