Popular Online Printer 4OVER4.COM Reveals Helpful Hints for Obtaining Optimal Advertising Results with Yard Signs


New York, NY

Small businesses looking to expand their customer base have a friend in popular online printer 4OVER4.COM.  This NYC online printing firm is currently revealing helpful hints for obtaining the best results when advertising with yard signs.  4OVER4.COM has been in the online printing business since 1999 and has businesses nationwide trusting them with all their marketing and office printing needs, from custom envelopes, company t shirts to promotional mugs.

The yard sign is a great lead generator for businesses such as contractors, realtors and landscapers just to name a few.  The first choice and most important is choosing colors that will draw the eye of passersby.  A 4OVER4.COM spokesperson strongly suggests using primary colors such as blue with white lettering or yellow with black lettering for your yard signs.  Keep it simple, do not get too wordy with your message and always add a contact number with access to a live representative at all times.

“Through the years we have found that just as important as producing top quality printing products is building relationships with our customers.  We are happy to offer helpful tips to our clients so that they can have successful results with their yard sign advertising campaigns,” says 4OVER4.COM principal Taso Panagiotopoulos.

Last but certainly not least, location location location!  Place your yard signs in areas with heavy foot and car traffic.  Make sure that your font is large enough to be read by a passing driver who can quickly jot your business information done when stopped at a traffic light.  4OVER4.COM’s knowledgeable advice comes from over fourteen years of professional printing experience.

For further details on yard signs, speak to a customer service representative at (718) 932-2700 or email [email protected]   To view all their printing services such as their extensive line of business envelopes, visit www.4over4.com.


About 4OVER4.COM

Premier online printer 4OVER4.COM, located in New York City, opened its doors in 1999 and has been proudly serving thousands of customers nationwide ever since.  They are among a group of green printing companies dedicated to using responsible printing practices in support of sustainable environmental renewal.  4OVER4.COM is constantly evolving with advances in printing technology to bring their customers the highest quality printing products on the market.  Their passion for their work and products shows through their expert staff of professionals that go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs.

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