Prostate Cancer Registry Provides Research Milestone


RemedyMD’s solution addresses Institute of Medicine’s top 100 priorities and shifts focus towards research based on more comprehensive scientific evidence

SALT LAKE CITY, US, October 28, 2009 — RemedyMD , the leading provider of Patient Registry Software, today announced the first nationwide Prostate Cancer registry to help clinicians and researchers identify which interventions are most appropriate for specific patient populations.

Details about the registry:

Aligned with the Institute of Medicine’s Top 100 Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), RemedyMD’s Prostate Cancer Registry tracks the survival, recurrence, side effects, longitudinal quality of life, and cost of various management strategies for localized prostate cancer including:

Active surveillance
Radical prostatectomy (conventional, robotic, and laparoscopic)
Radiotherapy (conformal, brachytherapy, proton-beam, and intensity-modulated radiotherapy)

The prostate cancer registry includes all of the applications, data infrastructure, and tools that clinicians and researchers need to gather, synthesize and analyze both phenotypic and genotypic data simultaneously.

“Our experience has shown when you view and report across all data types at the same time, you discover patterns and associations that are indistinguishable using traditional methodologies” said Gary D. Kennedy, Founder and CEO of RemedyMD.

RemedyMD’s new prostate cancer registry includes a comprehensive set of electronic data collection (EDC) forms that are specific to prostate cancer research, ad hoc reporting capability, and pattern recognition tools that assist users in identifying the most effective treatment options.

In support of this initiative RemedyMD is seeking additional partners who have existing data that addresses the specific needs of prostate cancer researchers. All institutions involved in comparative effectiveness research that are planning on submitting grant proposals for AHRQ funding are invited to visit:

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