Reiki Energy Healing Now in Beverly Hills


Los Angeles, CA – Energy therapist Jon Boyd Barret has recently relocated to Beverly Hills. Appointments for Reiki sessions can now be made by visiting the website, or by calling 310-869-0093.

A Reiki session with Jon Boyd Barrett is an empowering and enlightening experience that, for most, provides a platform from which to jump into the future with a new sense of clarity, belief and optimism.

Reiki is a method of using universal energy to enhance well-being. The flow of energy can often become blocked during periods of stress and illness, and Reiki is a simple yet immensely powerful method of healing which can remove these blockages and restore the flow of energy around the body.

Reiki heals on three principal and intertwining levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. On the physical level, it can often provide a straightforward and simple form of relief for long-term disorders and conditions, as well as aid in cases of shock, relieve pain and symptoms of injury, and help to promote quicker healing.

Emotionally, Reiki often helps us to put right what is wrong in our lives. It can calm us, comfort us and direct us into positive change. Furthermore, it can even enable us to help others with their lives and be more compassionate toward those in difficulty or pain.

By combining his friendly and down-to earth attitude with his intuitive skills and natural ability to effectively channel the life-force energy, Jon Boyd Barrett is able to uncover and work to energetically resolve the root cause of emotional issues or memories that are causing disruptions in the energy fields of his clients.

Reiki In Los Angeles is a Reiki and EFT practice that was established by Jon Boyd Barrett in early 2009. Jon is available for appointment at the new Berverly Hills office, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. Appointments can be made by visiting the website, or by calling 310 869 0093.

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