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SEO Academia

Thursday 3rd May was a first for NetCallidus when founder and principle optimiser Mark Furber delivered a lecture to 40 research scientists and senior managers outlining the science behind SEO. The key sponsor of the lecture was the Norwich Biosciences Institutes, keen to bring a greater level of understanding to the scientists, enabling them to make the most of the internet as a way of increasing the readership of their research and published material.

Mark Furber commented “The Internet offers the scientific community many ways of ensuring their work is available by a much greater audience with the added benefit of attracting potential benefactors. Gaining top search engine positions is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more ways for academia to gain exposure to wider, international audiences using numerous channels including RSS Push technology. Many individual scientists and whole departments currently operate micro sites and it is key that the learning and research establishments realise that this is not only an outdated Internet marketing strategy but will also have negative repercussions for some sites”

The Lecture was well received and Netcallidus was pleased with the numerous testimonials given on the day. Many of the scientists were made aware of the predictability of the search engines by using simple techniques and came away with a good understanding of the way in which the search engine and Google in particular reads documents.

If you would like to find out more about the NetCallidus Science of Search program please feel free to download the following lecture notes.

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