Successful Consumer Categories – Users confirm the functionality of an Internet portal’s strategy of presentation


Dublin, Ireland, July 16, 2007 – Since January 2007, the Internet portal provides its users with a navigational instrument for arranging broadband offers in accordance with performance characteristics. Now, first user feedbacks show that this strategy of presentation helps consumers to orientate in the complex field of broadband providers and their offers.

According to the portal’s marketing manager Robert Cohen, users welcomed the division of broadband offers in performance clusters of up to 2MB, from 2 to 8MB, from 8 to 10MB, and from 10 to 24MB. As Cohen announced yesterday, many users preferred this kind of presentation to one that arranges the offers in accordance with the corresponding providers. This way, the users’ needs determine the provider and not the provider the users’ interests.

Cohen underlines the fact that not only average consumers gave feedback to the site’s services, but also Internet professionals agreed with the plausibility of the portal’s arrangement. This is related to the lack of necessity of browsing all the offers from one provider. All types of users are likely to experience such a lack, as everyone has his or her individual needs that are unlikely to be found in the range of offers that one provider presents.

Additionally, users do not have to preselect the offers from one provider with reference to the offers that do not provoke their interest but, nevertheless, have to be studied if consumers want to gain a complete overview. The portal does this pre-selection before it presents its recommendations. Users profit from this, as they save time and capacities without running the risk of overlooking an important piece of information.

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