The Limits of Media – A ticket guide’s visitors describe them


Dublin, Ireland, July 16, 2007 – Since its launch in January, the electronic ticket guide has received various user feedbacks that show that users agree with the guide’s opinion on the experimental limits of broadcasted sports events. The users showed a clear comprehension of the differences between live events transmitted copies of these.

Most feedbacks referred to the first sentences of the site’s main page: “Watching a sports event on television just can’t compare to the excitement of being a part of it”. Although the makers of had not asked for it, the users described their personal experiences of sports events on television, radio, and the Internet and compared these with live events. Most feedbacks bear a phenomenological analysis of media perception.

For instance, Mark Winters (33) from Manchester wrote: “I will never forget how it was when I went to a football game with my father. But I cannot remember so clearly the events on television. Although I regularly watched sports on television with my father or friends, I do not have equally clear memory images of that. This must have to do with the people around you and the atmosphere in a stadium. If it had to do with a relation between father and son, I would be able to identify the details of the evenings when we watched sports on TV.”

Whereas Winters emphasizes the way how live events influence on the memory, Henning Fisher (41) from Glasgow underlined perceptional aspects: “When you go to a stadium, you hear them shouting, feel how the earth moves, participate in the electrified atmosphere. It is as if you were one with all of them, being able to influence directly in the actions of your team. Shouting in front of a television set or an Internet broadcast, does not make any sense. Your boys would not hear you. At least, we can show them that we are with them when going to a game.”

Other users gave similar feedbacks. Accordingly, the emails’ common ground was that users agreed on the merits of live events. However, some visitors also mentioned the inconvenience of getting a ticket and thanked for facilitating both the way of obtaining information on sports events and the option of booking a ticket from a range of different ticket retailers.

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