Tpad launches new PC Softphone that lets all first-time users make their first call to landlines and mobiles absolutely free.


VoIP provider Tpad is giving all new users the chance to experience the ultra clear call quality of its global phone network for free.

Tpad have launched a new softphone service that lets all first time users make their first call to landlines and mobiles for free.

The popular VoIP provider has launched the new softphone in order to compete with other internet telephony companies such as Skype.

To take advantage of the free call, users have to create a free Tpad account and download the free Tpad Softphone or use any VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / WiFi Mobile).

Chris Morris, General Manager for Tpad, said: “We have been listening to the feedback from our customers and as a result we have redesigned both our website and Softphone. The Tpad website is now easier to navigate and our new softphone is even simpler to use to make low cost international calls”

Morris continued: “In celebration of this achievement we are going to add 20 cents (USD) to all first time users’ accounts for a limited period. For example, this will let them make a free 20 minute call to any normal phone or mobile in the US using Tpad’s ultra low call rates. Of course calls between Tpad users are 100% free all the time”

One of the key features of the Softphone is that it allows users to forward calls to landlines or mobiles anywhere in the world; meaning that Tpad customers don’t have to be at a PC all day to receive important calls.

Other softphone features include free voicemail, instant messaging, voicemail to e-mail and conference calls with up to four friends.

Tpad recently launched a revolutionary new local number service in nearly 40 countries that allows users to make international calls anytime, anywhere on any phone or VoIP Device at local rate prices.

“We want to make VoIP calling available to all countries, including those that don’t have access to PCs or broadband, and our popular local number service helps make this possible. Users can now make international calls and only pay for a local call, not an expensive international one,” Morris added.

About Tpad:

Contact: Steven Johns, Marketing Manager

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 1282777711 Ext.1110


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