Unified Manufacturing is now offering a one-stop solution for CD Duplication


Unified Manufacturing, an LA-based CD Duplication company, is now offering a one-stop solution for audio and video manufacturing needs to make life much easier for their clients. In their years of service, they decided that it’s about time they offer their clients all the services that they would need for CD duplication-from mastering to the CD packaging design.
This would save their clients lots of time, money, and headaches because they will only be dealing with one company and one contact person for their project. When the client needs updates for his or her CD duplication project, he doesn’t have to compose lots of e-mails and phone calls because Unified Manufacturing will give them a full report of the progress of the CD duplication.
CD Duplication is Unified Manufacturing’s expertise. Over the years, they developed a good list of clients including Warner, Sony, and Motown, just to name a few. They currently handle products for 145 independent record labels and in 2009, they have produced over 600,000 units for the music industry. They have a long list of satisfied clients who keep coming back not only because of the excellent quality of the services and products they provide, but also because the CD duplication company values good customer relations. Yes, there are millions of CD duplication companies and some may deliver excellent service like Unified Manufacturing, but nothing values trust and friendship like Unified.
Susan Ferris of Sony Red said this about Unified Manufacturing:
“It is the relationships I forge and I know that I can ALWAYS depend on Unified! You don’t have that very often in the music industry…so when you find it…you hold on to it!”
Unified Manufacturing is not only limited to CD duplication- they also work with a variety of industries, including music, film, politics, education, sports and publishing.
If you want to know more about Unified Manufacturing and the service they offer, please visit unifiedmanufacturing.com or email James Hill ([email protected])

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