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Sustainability solutions are vital for the environment and the unique image client base

Northridge CA, April 22, 2008 –Continuing its 16-year mission of providing intelligent and strategic printing and marketing solutions, Unique Image, Inc. has deepened its dedication to going green with the formulation of its G2 program, it was announced today by Michael Lloyd, Vice President. The company’s G2 program is ideal for those organizations that strive for ethical and ecological awareness but must also consider price, availability, selection and the overall look of finished materials.

“We are committed to the environment and besides offering a wide variety of items developed utilizing eco-conscious methods, we will also seek certification by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),” says Lloyd. “Additionally, all quoting will include a green alternative for clientele to select more environmentally mindful options and support the undeniable commitment to environmental insights.”

Among the process changes/enhancements/maintenance in the Unique Image G2 program:

Green substrate/paper recommendations—reducing the environmental footprint is crucial so utilizing recycled fibers, chlorine bleaching, low VOC inks, and factoring in the recyclability of certain adhesives is paramount to the program. Over 700 coated and uncoated certified papers are now available.
Prepress Issues, including total conventional workflow conversion to digital, neutralizing pH and recovering silver.

Press issues, including utilizing low VOC, vegetable oil-based and heavy metal free inks and coatings, low VOC/low vapor pressure and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

“We’ve built our business on sensible alternatives that both help sustain our local and global environment, and enable us to keep our prices low on high-quality products our customers can take pride in,” says Wafa Kanan, President. “As the going green movement continues to pick up speed we feel it is important to provide proactive and strategic answer to further reduce our mutual impact on the environment. Our G2 program protects the visual integrity critical throughout the entire lifecycle of the finished product.”

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