Sunday, April 30th, 2017

FlashMoto Released a Powerful Flash CMS


An advanced Flash Content management system from FlashMoto has been launched.

FlashMoto is presented by a team of Internet professionals involved into one project – FlashMoto CMS (content management system) that will give a full control over Flash websites that were previously considered to be difficult for editing without Flash skills or hiring a Flash specialist. FlashMoto CMS is a user-friendly and feature rich application for effective Flash website management.

By using FlashMoto CMS you may edit your website content, add new pages, edit and delete the existing pages, manage your website menu, galleries, contact forms, upload videos and music, etc. Due to the SEO support, ability to upload your own fonts and integrate external modules and widgets, Flash websites empowered by FlashMoto have a range of advantages over the ordinary Flash websites.

FlashMoto CMS is an online application that should be installed on a web server. It is created on the basis of PureMVC Multicore using ActionScript 3. All the data is stored in XML files, so FlashMoto doesn’t require a database. The main advantage of FlashMoto Control panel is a simple navigation and WYSIWYG editor that visualize editing making it much easier.

In addition to this FlashMoto in association with provides a collection of FlashMoto CMS templates. These Flash templates correspond to the main FlashMoto control panel requirements and can serve as good designs for Flash websites powered by FlashMoto CMS.

“The project’s idea is to provide Flash developers with what we all call a value and efficiency of a website,” Demetrio Fortman, CEO of FlashMoto, says. “FlashMoto CMS was built with no limits in animation and interactivity in mind. It gives Flash developers an opportunity to create Flash websites that can be easily edited by the end-users.”

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Demetrio Fortman or visit

About is a new project aimed at providing Flash developers and those who want to create a professional Flash website with a powerful Flash content management system.


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