Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Young entrepreneur set to quash social media bullies and inspire the next generation


Adam Bradford is a 20-year-old who has overcome a great deal of adversity in order to carve out a successful alternative career path only a short number of years after leaving his secondary school. 

Since winning over £10,000 worth of prizes aged 14 at a local secondary school business competition, Adam underwent a tough ordeal comprising of rejection and a lack of support from his school. Adam explains: ‘It was a difficult enviroment where the school really didn’t seem to be equipped for supporting higher achievers and my willingness to succeed just posed another issue for the already troubled school. My head teacher actually told me that I didn’t even deserve any extra support because it seemed like nothing was good enough…’ At this point Adam left the school and moved to The Grove School in Newark, where he completed his studies and gained 27 A*-C grades at GCSE, 12 of these being A*/A grades. 

After fast-tracking his A-Levels Adam continued to go and study at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, a new course for aspiring entrepreneurs set up by the TV dragon Peter Jones. Adam launched IT consultancy UnITe Computing at the Academy in Sheffield and gained the support and mentoring of Levi Roots, of Reggae Reggae Sauce fame. Since then Adam was appointed a National Ambassador of Peter Jones’ Enterprise Academies by Peter Jones CBE himself and went on to run his business as a full-time occupation.

In August this year Adam took up a unique position at an organisation called UnLtd, finding and supporting young people aged between 11-21 to set up their own social enterprises alongside access to grants of up to £5,000 to kickstart these ventures. Adam said: ‘I feel really honoured to be able to take this position, uniquely enabling me to give back to those who helped me start up my own social enterprise last year and also supporting the next generation who need as much positivity and support as possible to make sure their futures are as bright as possible.’

However, the journey hasn’t been easy, as Adam explains: ‘Every step of the way there seems to be a barrier sent to test you and make you re-evaluate your work. In silo, as an entrepreneur or pioneering in any way, it’s difficult to keep strong and focused on your goals. Just recently attacks on social media have left me feeling like the work I do is having the wrong effect but I’ve realised that jealousy and a lack of support shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving. I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism and haven’t let that stop me! Even though bullying, rejection and risk play a factor in my pioneering journey, I will take action to rise above these factors and continue to make sure my success is an inspiration to all who follow in my footsteps.’

Adam is available for interviews and comment on the recent additions to his story. Adam’s enterprising journey is now available to read in a new book written by Lorraine Allman called ‘Enterprising Child’ available at Waterstones and in local UK bookstores.  

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