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How Will Brexit Affect the UK’s Property Market?


Could Britain leaving the EU cause a house-price crash, or will the lack of EU regulations attract investors?   On the 23rd June 2016 the British electorate will be able to decide whether the UK will remain part of the EU. The prospect of Britain leaving the EU will affect the general economy, although there is much dispute as to whether the impact will be positive or negative. Furthermore...

Is Job Creation a Driver of U.K House Price Growth?


June 2014 House Price Figures from Halifax Building Society indicated a monthly fall of 0.6%. Although, the annual price increase on their indices was tracked at £16,000 with average house prices up from £167,668 to £183,462.   The monthly decline could possibly be attributed to the drop in sentiment resulting from cautionary statements released by the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, which...

UK House Price Growth Rising Out of Control According to European Commission


Whilst house prices may have started to slow down somewhat in recent weeks, the rate of house price growth has annually risen by around 11% in the UK. In London it is nearly double that figure, as an influx demand and cash buyers from overseas means that properties are being sold very quickly.   The economic fear is that the growth and rise of prices is unsustainable, and could cause the...

Is it Possible to Achieve Growth on Student Property Investments?


There are several factors that have fuelled the student property fire that we find ourselves in today.  An increased demand from residential developers, coupled with a shortage of land, means that prices are rising sharply. Developers and investors interest has been piqued by the increased competition for suitable student housing. Despite the UK undergraduate population reaching record highs in...

How Student and Buy-to-Let Property compare?


With some excellent mortgage rates as low as 3.99% fixed for 5 years, it seems like a good time to be purchasing residential property. London house prices are not the only ones to benefit from the growing investor confidence as the average UK House Price has grown by 9.1% year on year (ONS) National Office of Statistics announces the third consecutive fall in inflation. Low inflation means that...

Annuity shake up allows investors to take more control of their finances


George Osborne said in the 2014 budget release “no one will have to buy an annuity”. Previously, it has been compulsory to reinvest the majority of their pension pot into an annuity. Investors were restricted by how much they could withdraw from the age of 55 and the annuity paid investors a steady income from their retirement funds. The poor returns paid by annuities and longer life...

London Investment property


Improved Liquidity and rates of interest Recent data from the council of mortgage lenders (Nov 13) reveals an increased availability and volume of lending across the United Kingdom.   In particular London, where the number of loans advanced to first-time buyers in reached a six-year high in the third quarter of 2013.   In total, £2.9bn was advanced to first-time buyers in the third...

UK House Price Growth: How will the help-to-buy scheme effect prices?


The UK government announced plans to bring the help to buy scheme forward by 3 months (8Th October 2013). It has been seen as a cheeky tactic from the ex-chequer George Osborne to win favour ahead of upcoming elections. The scheme in essence helps buyers to purchase properties that they otherwise may not be able to afford. At the moment the mortgage lenders typically require a 20% deposit; the...