Irene Silberstein launched Information Strategies Key Intangible Value Limited with Rachel Hageman in January 2005 in the UK, a company delivering information and Internet services. She has long been in information and marketing research as an independent consultant, in France. Her experience benefited from both the Internet and Information worlds. Formerly, she founded one of the first online bookseller services and developed tools for book and information retrieval. She associates the experience of SMEs, industries of culture and organisations to the practice of information and complex systems. Having been in charge of the French and European Art dealers association for more than ten years, she authored studies on the legal and economic aspects of art creation and distribution. website announces an Image Optimisation Service


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United Kingdom, Worcestershire, June 3, 2017   As explains Irene Silberstein, Director and consultant for iSkiv Limited, “image errors may hinder website performance and visibility. Many people comment about image optimisation and SEO but few of them tackle the tasks it needs” She explains: “We just launched a presentation of our image optimisation service...