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Last October, newly engaged couple Gabrielle and Daniel decided to have their wedding on a yacht in Hoboken, NJ. They signed with a broker to arrange the wedding on the yacht venue. Fast forward to 5 months before the big day, they were informed by the owners of the yacht venue that the broker had gone bankrupt, had ceased all communication with their clients, and wasn’t returning anyone’s event deposits and payments.

Mitch Goldklank, Daniel’s father, was the first person called: “I can remember getting the phone call from my (then) future daughter-in-law, ‘Something bad has happened,’she said. She explained the situation, and after a very deep breath, we mapped out a plan to make the wedding happen as originally scheduled. I remember thinking, ‘things happen for reasons,’ and maybe this was an opportunity. ”

While dealing with the owners of the yacht, Cornucopia Cruises, to plan “wedding #2,” the couple unintentionally learned how the now bankrupt business had partnered as their broker, how they worked with vendors, and essentially how they ran this type of venture for close to 15 years. By the time they were married, Gabrielle and Daniel formed a great relationship with the owner and employees of Cornucopia Cruises. With their love of the water, boats, and NYC, it was on their honeymoon where they decided to pick up where the original broker left off and put their own improved spin on this nautical events company. “So, with that history, two great entrepreneurial people with a mission, I think Golden Knot Yacht Services will go a long way,” believes Mitch Goldklank.

As of today, they have not received their deposit back from the broker. Unfortunately, they are not the only bride and groom impacted by bankrupt vendors- one couple in Pennsylvania lost everything 2 weeks before their wedding day. Gabrielle and Daniel hope their story inspires at least one person to turn a bad situation into a positive opportunity.

Daniel is a licensed Master Captain with an MBA, Gabrielle is a certified Executive Coach with a Bachelor’s in Communications Media and Marketing, and together they have 20 years combined corporate sales experience. They have formed Golden Knot Yacht Services, a nautical events all inclusive planning company for NYC and North Jersey.

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