Don’t Just Shop – Ozmott! Ozmott releases new Android version of its free mobile discount marketing application.


TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – January 24, 2014

Traverse City, Michigan-based mobile shopping platform, Ozmott, is excited to announce the recent update for Android.   The update was launched January 20, 2014 and will provide users with new features that make the app more user-friendly.  The update includes new Facebook integration that will allow users to connect their Ozmott account with their Facebook account, allowing them to quickly create and sign into Ozmott through Facebook.  Users will also be able to share their offers through Facebook making is easier than ever to earn rewards and take advantage of the biggest deals!


With new merchants joining Ozmott weekly there are always new ways to save!  Don’t be left out of the fun, join the club today, and discover Ozmazing offers at the tap of your finger!


The free app allows users to receive deals from over 8,000 other local and national retailers and service-based businesses. Ozmott also delivers cool perks for user loyalty! When redeeming and sharing deals, Ozmott users are rewarded with “Pips” – Ozmott’s free, virtual currency that can be redeemed for “Luxe offer deals.


With this built-in loyalty system, the more friends you have the more rewards you get.  Ozmott celebrates “real” shopping, encouraging consumers to shop in-store and support local merchants. Users can experience all kinds of in-store discount offers, redeemed with a touch of the screen on Apple and Android devices.


Deals today and more tomorrow, so download Ozmott today from iTunes or Google+.


For more information please call Matt Lapham at (231) 883-9812.


About Ozmott:

Ozmott is a mobile platform built to connect retail merchants with consumers through a virtual, fully functional economy. The application relies on a sustainable deals model that allows consumers to take advantage of in-demand, merchant- supplied offers. Popularized by websites such as Groupon and Living Social, daily deal sites have seen increased growth over the past few years. Yet Ozmott is different. Where most sites rely on individual purchases to unlock group deals, Ozmott aims to create a community; where users interact, make friends and gain access to ‘Luxe Offers’. By introducing their own brand of virtual currency, or Pips, Ozmott users are encouraged to share deals with their friends to earn additional Pips where they later can be applied toward otherwise out of reach high- end lifestyle products. 

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