Dr. Kraus & Partner To Offer Revolutionary Change Management Service To A Wider Market

Dr. Kraus & Partner, a Germany-based change management company which provides business consultancy, is delighted to announce that the company will be widening the scope of its operations in a bid to offer Change Management Services to a larger market. Dr. Kraus is a renowned award-winning change management consultant whose revolutionary solutions have enabled many firms to achieve change management.

Implementing change can pose a number of challenges to an organization. That’s where Dr. Kraus & Partner comes in handy. The company develops unique solutions that will best suit the needs of its clients and helps them with implementing the blueprints from inception to completion.

When handling a change management project, a delicate balance must be maintained to ensure that strategy, structure and culture of the organization are all given adequate attention. Many change managers have not mastered the art of equally incorporating the three attributes in change management projects. To get it right first time, Dr. Kraus & Partner achieves change management by bringing the three properties together equally. Specialists at Dr. Kraus and Partner view organizations as equilateral triangles with strategy, culture and structure at the corners and these corners are held together by change management at the center. They then adjust either of the three corners to keep the triangle in perfect balance depending on what phase of change the organization is at.

Henrike Cain, Spokesperson at Dr. Kraus & Partner commented: “Change management is a universal multilayered challenge.  It is a reality that businesses face whether they are based in Bruchsal or on Wall Street. By offering Change Management Service on a wider scope, the company will help more clients tackle the challenging task of change management .”

Dr. Kraus started out as an in-house consultant at Daimler in Germany in the mid-90s. Early in his career, he realized that he could not work in a fixed setting under permanent employment. He had too much entrepreneur’s blood and step by step became self-employed. He resorted to freelance jobs, handling small project management projects which grew bigger and bigger till he was managing complex change projects. Evolved and armed with a wealth of experience, Dr. Kraus‘ Change Management Service blends three powerful components; strategy, structure and culture to effect change in organizations across the world.

About Dr. Kraus:  

Dr. Georg Kraus, the CEO of Dr. Kraus & Partner is a self-made millionaire who was born in 1965 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He speaks French, German and English. Georg attended Strasbourg for his high school diploma and later joined the University of Karlsruhe where he studied industrial engineering. He had a keen interest in job satisfaction which he researched on for his doctorate degree.

His company, Dr. Kraus & Partner is a business change consultancy firm trusted by many leading companies in Germany to solve their complex change implementation challenges. The company brings together advisory, innovation, technology, strategy and cultural knowledge to transform businesses. Headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany, the company is represented all over Germany with a team spanning more than 100 employees. Moving on, Dr. Kraus & Partner will be exploring a larger market offering steller services to clients on an international realm. For more information, visit his website through this link: http://www.kraus-partner.eu

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Address: Prof. Dr. Georg Kraus, Werner-von Siemens-Str. 2-6 , 76646 Bruchsal.

Phone: +49-7251-98 90 34

Email: [email protected]

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