Emerging On The Scene Multi-Talented Hip Hop Artist MARK Universe


Up and coming Atlanta Rapper/Producer/Songwriter MARK Universe is taking the world by storm. His unique way of combining his lyrical flows with monster beats is nothing short of mystical.

His air—charismatic; his passion—music; his profession— Hip Hop Artist/Performer; his name—MARK Universe.

A rising star on the music scene, emerging as one of the progenitors of Hip Hop in the music arena,  MARK Universe synergizes the message of meaning and freedom with Hip Hop beats and movements coupled with a fluid musical style and flow.

“I refer to my music as fire”, with a penetrating energy” Acknowledging the current sense of meaningful music as an urgency, coupled with the need for change.”  MARK Universe is blazing, and his energy is intoxicating.  MARK has grown as an artist and so has his music. He is constantly evolving. 

“I want my music to make a difference in the life of my audience and keep them humming and feeling good long after I have left the stage.” That is the essence of good music.” says MARK musingly.

To see MARK Universe on stage is to experience a transformation that will cause you to both sway to the rhythm and enliven your senses. You will find yourself being caressed by his lyrical flow.

“There is no one out there like MARK Universe ” Says Cynthia Walton-Jouber’t of BURST Agency PR & Media Group.  (www.BurstAgency.com) the unique blend of his signature voice and the originality of his songs and rap flows cause this artist to step into a class all of his very own.

So, the question begs, “Is he satisfied?” And he answers, “No, because the sky is the limit.”

Powerfully anointed, Daemar “MARK Universe” Williams was born and raised in Prichard, AL, a small town outside of Mobile. By the grace of God, he is a gifted lyricist, songwriter, philanthropist, entrepreneur, media mogul, entertainer and all around trailblazer.

MARK, is on track to leave an awesome legacy of breaking molds, limits, and barriers and leaving his Mark on the Universe.

Strong, concise, loving and armed with hope, MARK is a bright and shining star on the Positive Hip Hop scene and is currently working on a new, exciting musical project.

The world is ready and is in need of the freshness that is MARK UNIVERSE……






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