HoldenCAPITAL Remains Australia’s Number One Construction Finance Firm Brisbane-based specialist finance group confirms successes in deal structuring and sourcing of debt and equity solutions.

Boasting over 60 active debit and equity providers, including banks both large and small, and mortgage trusts which provide the ability to create “appropriate levels of competitive appetite,”HoldenCAPITAL has quickly become Australia’s number one specialist construction finance group, being recognised as a market leader as a result of its accomplishments in deal structuring and sourcing of debt and equity solutions. Today, clients look to HoldenCAPITAL to secure their debit and equity requirements, allowing the company to source and negotiate more flexible terms from its banks, non-bank institutions, mortgage funds and trusted relationships with private lenders.
“Our primary focus is to leverage our collective skills, knowledge, resources and relationships to structure project finance solutions as well as the provision of equity to minimise the risks and maximise the return to our clients – all while taking into account the interest of all stakeholders,” says Steve Wiltshire, Executive Chairman of HoldenCAPITAL.“What’s more, in addition to boasting a strong and successful record in the areas of sourcing and negotiating joint venture partnerships for medium to large-sized projects, HoldenCAPITAL also provides direct mezzanine finance rates and equity solutions to qualified clients through our Queen Street Invest (QSI), a joint initiative to provide developers with access to mezzanine, equity and preferred equity investment funds
“What we’re all about here at HoldenCAPITAL is ensuring mutually successful outcomes for all parties involved.”
HoldenCAPITAL provides a full service financial suite that encompasses senior debit, mezzanine debt and equity solutions, all tailored to clients’ needs based on a detailed evaluation of their financial position and what the company calls their “risk appetite.” Within this package are the Construction Loan Product, providing construction loans up to $10 million; the Preferred Equity and Joint Venture, providing mezzanine debt from $2 million through $20 million per project; the Mezzanine Debt, providing mezzanine debt from $2 million through $20 million per project; Development Site Finance, providing loans on development sites from $2 million to $15 million and Stretch Senior Debt, providing up to $100 million debt pieces.
As Brisbane’s largest and preeminent property finance structuring entity, HoldenCAPITAL has access to a client base that represents a proverbial “who’s who” of the Queensland development industry, allowing for a constant flow of quality transactions to those in need of private funding and/or preferred equity to meet their aspirations. 
“HoldenCAPITAL is considered a specialist construction finance brokerage and fund manager, and we are very proud of that classification,” adds Dan Holden, Director of HoldenCAPITAL. “In servicing predominantly mid-tier property developers, our team is highly respected and can access exclusive loan and equity participation opportunities. But all of this is nothing without our treasured clients, and we have been blessed to be able to work with such a broad, formidable range including Onyx Property Group, Greenfield Capital, Civic Construction Group, Open Corporation, Treelight Developments and Quantum Funds Management, Ltd.”
HoldenCAPITAL was awarded the Number One Commercial Broker in Australia accolade in 2015 by its industry peers, which was based on settlement volume to qualify as well as technical knowledge, proposal presentation and customer satisfaction. As such, many in the financial world refer to HoldenCAPITAL as the best construction loan entity in Australia.
HoldenCAPITAL is located at 307 Queen Street Level 2 in Brisbane, and can be reached by calling 07 3171 4200. For more information visit www.HoldenCAPITAL.com.au or email [email protected]

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