Minnesotans, get involved to stop lawsuit fraud and Double Lawsuit bills!


Minnesota personal injury lawyers are backing self-serving legislation that, if passed, will open the floodgates to more fraudulent insurance claims and more frivolous lawsuits. The result of these Double Lawsuit Bills will be higher rates for all types of insurance and higher costs for goods and services for virtually all Minnesota consumers. The only winners will be the trial lawyers who stand to make millions.

That is why a broad-based coalition of Minnesota consumers, businesses and civic groups are joining together to oppose these ill-conceived, Double Lawsuit Bills. Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs understands that the ability to simply threaten multiple lawsuits for a single event will give lawyers profound leverage in forcing settlements and will force Minnesota consumers and businesses to bear the costs through higher insurance premiums for virtually ALL types of insurance including homeowners, auto, general liability, etc. The best way to stop these lawyer-sponsored laws from taking effect is to join the chorus of opposition and demand that legislators protect consumers
against fraud and higher insurance costs.

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