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The updated version of the Smart Navigator Fueling Station Finder App has new features and greets its users with a refreshing interface. The ‘Smart Navigator’ App is designed to keep in mind the needs of the fuel card holders so that they can easily navigate in any situation.

The application supports more languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Italian. The primary reason for adding more languages to the App is to extend its reach and to make it more user-friendly. Besides, more languages were required because of FLEETCOR’s expansion in the EU to include an increased number of fuel  stations in Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Italy. It enables users to use the App in their preferred language, making the App handier than ever.

Some additional new features were also added like the ability to mark a preferred fuel station as a favorite, traffic jam avoidance with better route calculation, and various filters for services, cards acceptance, etc. Marking a fuel station as their favorite, users now do not have to scroll through a list to locate a specific station on the map. The traffic jam option will be incredibly useful to drivers looking to save time and fuel costs. It allows for the estimation of a faster and better route to the destination fuel station while avoiding the heavy traffic on a particular route. The filter options enable users to filter fuel stations on the basis of their complementary services. This feature might come in handy in an emergency where people need to find a restroom or a vehicle service station.

The ‘Smart Navigator’ App gives users an access to a large international network of fuel stations that accept euroShell cards and offer complementary services at the same time. Such solutions also enable people and businesses to record, maintain, and control their expenses,  availing the benefits simultaneously.


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