Mom Launches Website of Short Stories for Kids Written By Her Own Kids.


New York, NY (January 4, 2014) -Reading bedtime stories for kids pays off for a mother and her 2 kids, as the kids developed love for reading in general and started to write stories of their own using their wild imaginations. The mother says that she read stories to her kids since they started to understand English. She told them very short stories that she made up using her imaginations which in time developed theirs.

Bedtime story telling to children is a fun way in parent-child bonding and teaches them life lessons and moral values depicted through characters in story lines. But a mother of two had a little twist to bedtime story telling.

The stories are written mostly by her two young children. As a mother’s love to her children and a way of encouraging them to keep writing, she decided to publish these stories on a website called with the hope that other parents would develop the fondness in telling bedtime stories as well, inculcate reading habits and foster the passion for writing and reading in their children’s hearts.

“Reading moral bedtime stories to my children was a must for me. It was a way for me to say that I am sorry for being busy during the day that took away the attention they deserve. I read them stories that I made up myself, nothing fancy just whatever came to my mind every night. I noticed that my kids were showing interest in changing my stories every once in a while to something they liked better, then they started giving me ideas as to what to tell a story about as time went by. From there, they went on to write their very first story “The Friendly Monster”, a real nice story that needed some editing. I was so proud to see what my children’s imagination could create when unleashed. Story telling for kids can have a huge impact on developing any child’s creativity.” Sandra said. demonstrates how profound bedtime story telling for kids can be on children. Throughout the years, research has repeatedly proven that kids who are read to, develop stronger vocabularies, better listening skills and have higher academic success overall. “Reading your loved ones a short story for kids every night will not take much of your time and will go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and them. It will also help them sleep better knowing that a parent is with them to protect them when it is dark.” Sandra explained.

However, parents across America are not taking this advice seriously. A recent survey showed that only 30 percent of parents with kids age eight and younger, read them bedtime stories, and 50 percent of parents say their children spend more time watching TV and playing video games than with books. More than 1,000 parents in the United States responded to this survey, sponsored by Macy’s and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). has many children’s bed time stories to choose from. Most of the stories are written by Sandra’s two children, Layla and Adam. Among others, their titles include “How the Moon Split”, “The Friendly Monster”, “Where¬†The Cats Are”, “A Trip To Disneyland” and A “Surprise Party In Manhattan”. Those stories can be easily accessed and read to your little one on computers, ipads or even smart phones.

The website contains ads from Google Adsense and links to a variety of children’s bedtime story books by different publishers on Sandra is an affiliate of and she gets a small commission from every sale. Generated commissions will help upkeep and cover costs of hosting and improving the website.

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