New T-Shirt Upstart with Compassionate Mosquito Mascot Helps in the Fight Against Children’s Malaria


An upstart New York based company launches in January with high quality, made only in the U.S.A t-shirts for kids. The Miscito brand ( provides a fashionable, durable product for children that parents love for its high quality, and that children love because it looks great and sets them apart from the crowd. Miscito brand t-shirts come with a world-scope message that kids can bond with and that parents can be proud to support—malaria awareness. Most malaria deaths are among children and Miscito plans to donate a part of all its proceeds to a worthy non-profit organization involved in the worldwide fight against the disease.

Miscito t-shirts feature Miscito, a female mosquito who turns from sucking blood to eating hot dogs and other foods, so as to no longer run the risk of spreading malaria. The story begins,

“There was nothing special about the day she was born and there was nothing special about her. In fact, she was simply given the number 75881241 as a name. She was  just a small, insignificant speck, and she was weak. She was also hyper and—like her friends, her parents and her brothers and sisters—this little mosquito was born hungry.”

The purpose of the t-shirt mascot and children’s story is to attract the attention of children in the United States and world, and to direct attention worldwide to the cause of malaria prevention, while providing a line of apparel that combines fashion, children’s tastes, and functionality—all made in the U.S.A. Hip but not too hip, kids will love the Miscito brand designs, while at the same time developing an expanded worldview, learning to be a part of a worldwide community of children, and developing their own personal style of expressing social responsibility even in their choices of apparel.

Founder of Miscito Carlos Bernard states,

“I believe the Miscito character and her story will help to engage children to learn more about malaria.”

With 3.3 billion people worldwide at risk of malaria and 90% of malaria deaths occurring among children under the age of five, education, social awareness, and fashion meet on the shoulders of today’s children with this quirky little responsibly compassionate mosquito mascot who has her own story to tell.

Miscito launches January 10, 2104 with its line exclusively for children, bearing the Miscito mascot, with four initial designs. Each of the new Miscito designs have been designed by a different artist, and each showcases the artist’s individual interpretation of the Miscito character and message.

Miscito plans to introduce future designs over the next coming year, featuring both aspiring and professional artists looking to showcase their talents through the Miscito brand. Miscito will play its part by promoting the individual artist/designer in anticipation of the release of his or her t-shirt design through its website and social media platforms. Miscito would like to link with artists who are interested in this project.

Durable and reliable, Miscito t-shirts are made and printed in the U.S.A., are of the highest quality, and exceed all fair trade standards. Miscito is a for-profit company with a pro-social cause and message, with a further purpose to contribute towards the non-profit fight against children’s malaria.


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