MyWebBrochure Offers Small Business And Individuals A Simple Alternative To Complex Web Solutions


LANSING, MI / PR FREE / Apr 13 2007 —
As countless small businesses and individuals become discouraged by the demands of time and skills required to build and maintain a conventional Web site after an initial Web presence is launched, they discover the ease of use of‘s Internet offering. As an increasingly sophisticated Internet audience increases the complexities used to attract and engage Internet users, MyWebBrochure offers an alternative method to deliver a company’s message via a Web-based solution. Easier to maintain than a traditional Web site, the MyWebBrochure design and management tool allows users to create their own Web Brochure.

While a Web site uses its home page to attract users into a site, a Web Brochure works like a paper brochure. Simply and effectively, the Web Brochure:

1. Presents information about an organization, products or services.
2. Encourages viewers to contact companies instead of competitors.
3. Provides a means for individuals to submit their email address to get on a mail list to receive periodic information
or newsletters.
4. Enables viewers to conduct a simple transaction to purchase products or services, or even to donate money to an organization.

While MyWebBrochure offers all of the necessary features to engage an Internet audience, no coding is involved in setting up the Web brochure or in maintaining it.

Users can make use of a Web Brochure to manage an event like a special sale, a seasonal activity or to launch a political campaign. With a few mouse clicks users can reset the hit counter, manage e-mail lists, and change a background theme at any time (choose from any of over 1200 themes.) Additional features include the ability to monitor Web brochure viewer activity to measure the impact and effectiveness of the Web brochure, on a day-by-day basis.

“MyWebBrochure gives everyone the right tools to create and maintain an attractive and professional-looking Web presence while it eliminates all the programming skills, time and expense required by a traditional Web site,” says MyWebBrochure President Michael Ezzo.

Those who have a Web site and want to promote the use of a Web Brochure to their visitors can sign-up as a affiliate to receive a commission for each sale.

To view details about setting up an account, visit ‘‘ or contact Michael Ezzo at 517 484 9256.

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