Nidora – A Method To Reduce Appetite. Forget About Binge Eating


An uncanny weight-loss product stimulates our sense of smell, makes us feel fuller sooner and with less food. It is called Nidora and it promises to do what diets and smoothies fail to fulfil – get us rid of fat, cellulite, and ravenous hunger.

No one wants to be obese. In our fight against our favourite foods we’re always on the losers’ side. Counting calories, forcing ourselves to the gym, or running around the park. What sort of life is this? Would such a regime have a lasting effect?

Research points out that in most cases it’s the torture of both body and mind through hunger and exhausting exercise that leads to binging, or as it’s more popular, “pigging out”. It’s when we overcompensate for all our deprivations and there’s nothing in the world that can stop us. And then comes the ruinous guilt and the feeling of failure. It’s a vicious circle that we can’t beat by willpower alone. Exercise is useless, too.

During Nidora’s development all those weight-gain mechanism were taken into consideration, and became, actually, the focus. Nidora had to offer an all-round solution for obesity, starting with its roots:

  • The burning desire to eat what we like

  • Uncontrollable binging

  • Feelings of guilt and powerlessness

  • Emotional overeating

  • Lack of exercise

  • Failure of willpower

  • Failure of motivation

All of these factors were taken into consideration and a strategy was developed in the course of many years, that would not include any restrictions or pernicious chemicals. It was not supposed to be like other weight-loss products, which have obviously left many people disappointed.

That’s why Nidora isn’t just a pill that destroys fat. Nidora holds no promises that a special extract will burn off pounds just like that. Even if it were possible, it would have been extremely harmful.

So what is Nidora exactly?

Nidora is a powder-like substance, made of entirely natural ingredients. All of them are specially selected, through a method, refined over years of research, testing and scientific breakthroughs. The ingredients are incredibly simple. What makes them special, then? Here’s what: used in the proper proportion and dosage, they send signals of satiety to the brain, completely safely and naturally blocking the desire for food. The ingredients work on 4 levels. They are absorbed through the palate, the tongue, the olfactory nerves and the stomach, sending clear signals to the brain that we’ve had enough. In 2-3 minutes the feeling of satiety increases without us having eaten even a small portion of what we usually consume.

It doesn’t matter if we eat something sweet or salty; we can always sprinkle Nidora onto our food and decrease appetite naturally. That way we lose weight properly, following our own’ body’s cues.

Here is what customers mention as benefits from using the product:

I don’t  feel hunger, and I won’t try to control my appetite all the time.”

I stopped dreaming about forbidden foods.”

I don’t fear the moment when your willpower will break and you’ll “pig out” once more.”

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a more pleasurable, more natural way to get rid of excessive weight.

Nothing is impossible. There are just the problems that we haven’t yet found solutions to.

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