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New York, NY, a New York-based company well-known for offering Cisco IP phones at competitive prices on the web, posted a comprehensive guide on the Cisco IP phone 7942 that explains readers why most people prefer it over conventional phones, listing its many features and advantages.

The article enumerates the most popular reasons why businesses and different types of companies, including home offices, prefer VoIP phones instead of traditional analog telephones. According to the article, having multiple extensions seems to be the most common reason of all.

Their blog post also specifies the most useful features and capabilities these phone systems have to offer, including: high-fidelity wideband audio, noise-cancel speakers, adjustable volume control, built-in support in more than 30 languages and service key, just to name a few.

When it comes to phone systems for small and medium enterprises, companies like TelcoDepot, that offer competitive deals and the latest technology in Cisco phone systems; highlight the IP phone 7942 as one of the best-selling telephones online because of its scalability.

There are also many benefits to this IP phone, the most relevant being the high-call traffic it can manage through its applications, such as call on hold, conference and parking. The Cisco IP Phone 7942 is the ideal phone for any office space and those users looking to save some money by purchasing a phone system that can cover all their needs.

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