Social Ticketing App Hits the Live Music Scene


Colos-Saal – German Live Entertainment Club of the Year 2013 Reveals its use of Viral Acceleration and Social Ticketing Tools

Recent research conducted by Ticketmaster shows that 40% of all entertainment tickets go unsold and that 60% of event’s target audience don’t go due to lack of awareness. New ticketing technology software integrated with a social media application might be on track to solve the entertainment industry’s biggest challenge.

German live entertainment award winning club of the year – Colos-Saal fromAschaffenburg near Frankfurt, revealed this week their unique social event promotion and social ticketing app on their facebook fan page. The SitNearMe® app enables facebook fans and ticket buyers to see which of their friends are attending events and where in the venue they are sitting. Colos-Saal uses the app’s back-end features for viral acceleration and social monitoring of its events. Through SitNearMe® event manager can track which users shared events to their walls and how many friends they invited. This data enables social media managers to create real time promotions and to identify and reward the events’ most active ambassadors. Prize winning promotions for the most active fans, grants them extra tickets and propels the fans’ motivation to share and promote the event.

Commenting on Colos-Saal’s social media strategy, the club’s General Manager, Claus Berninger, said: “As the No. 1 live entertainment club in Germany It’s only natural that we are the first to use socially-smart initiatives make the purchasing process much easier for our audience. Social media plays such a big part in our day to day communication and marketing and we’re delighted to be making such positives strides in this area and continuously improving the social experience for our audience.”

SitNearMe® was created by Evento Social Promotion which utilizes cloud-based technology and API integrations to create a socially-smart ticketing solution for event owners. Evento’s approach complements existing ticketing channels/relationships by expanding event awareness while enabling and empowering fans to identify and select available seats based on their friends’ locations. Evento’s clients see a 100% rise in event’s online social reach one using the SitNearMe® app.

Ophir Zardok, Evento CEO & Founder commented on the recent partnership with Colos-Saal: “After launching the SitNearMe app with sports teams and live music artists in the US, UK and Germany, we are very excited to see a first major entertainment venue pioneer social event promotion in Germany. Social event promotion together with Social ticketing are one of the entertainment industries’ biggest drivers for new revenue sources. Not only do they increase ticket sales and show day revenues, but they create a new layer of social experience for the audience. We believe that more entertainment venues will follow Colos-Saal in 2014.“

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