Spintrips Gives It Away with Las Vegas Promo


A Game app promoting tourism in Las Vegas with free Promotional Gifts?  NOW THAT IS SOMETHING!

Spin, Win, Play for a Better Promotion, all provided by the very BEST of Las Vegas.  This is marketing on steroids and EVERYONE gets to play and win amazing products and services, getting their slice of the 4 Billion per year that Corporations dole out to promote Hotels, Airfares, Car Rentals, Activities, Shows, Spas, Restaurants, and much, much more.  Promotions are always free.


By RTNTRUE    August 26, 2013

Los Angeles – Go! Vegas is a SPIN GAME advancing tourism in Las Vegas through promotions and introductory offers.   This new Free app by RTNTRUE,  (Go! Vegas release date August 26th, on the apple app store),  is really a marketing app for travel and tourism, dressed up pretty in a game.  Users simply spin the wheel with their finger, and win a promotion (restaurants, airfare, attractions, amusement parks, museums, hotels, and shows).  The User may spin as often as they wish, and EVERY USER WILL WIN A PROMOTION, IF THEY PLAY LONG ENOUGH.  Revenue generated for this app is solely ad based.



Travel Companies Give Over 4 Billion (with a “B”) dollars in Promotional items yearly, spending as much in ads.Travel Companies currently use third parties to disperse these promotions.With SpinTrips Las Vegas, Users find seasonal promotions the fun way, through our copyrighted spin game.  SpinTrips by RTNTRUE also licenses apps to Travel Companies Worldwide. (provisional patent)


SpinTrips is Currently Available as an iPAD app, with an iPhone release scheduled for Sept 20, 2013, and an Android, Kindle, Nook, Windows launch scheduled for Sept 30, 2013.  Several new updates, features and games are planned for 2014.

SpinTrips Las Vegas, and RTNTRUE, Inc. Copyright © 2011-2013.

Authors: K.Hincker, T.Righettini, D.Righettini, D.Rosendahl, V.Mossavaghi

[email protected]  (323) 578-7587  www.rtntrue.com


RTNTRUE, Inc. is an app Development Company located in Los Angeles, CA and Stockholm, Sweden, whose primary goal is to incorporate new approaches to entertainment and business apps.  Produced games include Donkey Storm (on Apple app Store), Fall into a Volcano (release 2013), Pick-a-Win, and the iSPIN family of Spinners.  RTNTRUE consults on apps for businesses and is currently in production on two apps for the Entertainment Industry.  RTNTRUE is enthusiastically involved in developing apps for the Philanthropy market, and currently donates 20% of proceeds specifically to Charities that embrace new technology.


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