“The Little Book of Website Quality Control,” a New Book by Jens Oliver Meiert

Former Google Tech Lead, long-time W3C contributor, and O’Reilly author Jens Oliver Meiert published a new book for O’Reilly’s Little Book tech series: “The Little Book of Website Quality Control.”

The book elaborates on the topic of quality management for websites and shares why security, accessibility, usability, performance, functionality, maintainability, semantics, validation, design consistency, typography, code quality, and coding guideline compliance matter, and how they can be tested.

Meiert on his website, meiert.com: “The hallmark of a professional is not the pursuit of activity, but the expertly pursuit thereof. What’s worth doing is worth doing well; and what’s done well exemplifies quality.” What criteria and tools helped to get to a high quality of internet websites were the subject of his new book.

The “Little Book of Website Quality Control” is the third title in the Little Book series, preceded by “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks” and “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines” (both 2015). Meiert’s author profile is available at O’Reilly as well as at Amazon.

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