3rd Quarter News Update for Statewide Labor Law Firm




The Employment Lawyers Group started 2016 with what ended up being a two month binding arbitration victory for lead counsel, Karl Gerber. On behalf of the Plaintiffs Karl Gerber prevailed. The arbitration result led to substantial Private Attorney General (PAGA) penalties.  Around the time of the arbitration Counsel, Ann Guleser found herself in a Federal jury trial in Fresno.

On the class action front, one of the Employment Lawyers Group’s class action settlements was approved and fully disbursed. Like many of the firm’s class action settlements this dealt with restricted on-call work, minimum wage, and overtime issues. Two additional class action settlements occurred during the first half of the year. One of these settlements was approved by the court, and the other is ready for a second submission for approval to a complex court.

Construction on the firm’s Oxnard office progressed. When the year started drywall installation in the new construction was not yet complete. At this time construction of Employment Lawyers Group, Oxnard is almost ready for depositions and new client meetings.

Recently, the firm added a new IT person and an additional clerical support person.

As this year draws to a close, Employment Lawyers Group expects to try another two cases. One involves serious sexual harassment and a failure to terminate the harasser notwithstanding multiple women complaining he harassed them at different times. The other trial involves paystubs that did not comply with the California Labor Code and multiple California Labor violations.  It is also expected Karl Gerber will spend several weeks in Bakersfield on a multi-plaintiff sexual harassment case.

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