In the computer business since before it was a business. Wrote a book about those experiences you can read about at The title sums it all up. I became a lawyer in 1993 and practice plaintiff's employment law. in four states.

3rd Quarter News Update for Statewide Labor Law Firm


BUSY YEAR FOR EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS GROUP   The Employment Lawyers Group started 2016 with what ended up being a two month binding arbitration victory for lead counsel, Karl Gerber. On behalf of the Plaintiffs Karl Gerber prevailed. The arbitration result led to substantial Private Attorney General (PAGA) penalties. ¬†Around the time of the arbitration Counsel, Ann Guleser found herself in a...

Local Labor Lawyer Means All of California


Catching up with employee labor lawyer, Karl Gerber, was difficult. First, he traveled between multiple offices throughout California. Then, I realized he appeared in courts across the state. Finally, once a multi-plaintiff wage and hour arbitration was done he found time for this article. Initially Gerber met four phlebotomists in his Riverside office. There was a fifth but she was a present...

Class Action Settlement Lawyers


The Employment Lawyers Group has a tentative settlement in an employee class action of LVNs, RNs, and Social Workers forced to work on-call without minimum wage pay for each hour they spent on call. The firm has two other employee class actions nearing settlement. One involves unpaid overtime and prevailing wage. The other involves paystub errors and a failure to pay minimum wage.   Lead...

Employee Lawyers Accepting Cases


The Employment Lawyers Group is presently accepting cases in California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington D.C. We only represent employees, and we only represent employees on a contingency basis. We never charge any fees or costs up front. The types of cases we handle include: Discrimination at work, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Wage Claims including employee class actions. Our...