Online Printer 4OVER4.COM Introduces 15 of the Best Designers You Should Know


New York, NY Social media has created many stars, including these 15 top designers that creatives and art lovers should be following today.  Popular printing company 4OVER4.COM is excited to introduce their top 15 picks and invites readers to take a peek at their work and get inspired. 4OVER4.COM has been working with designers since they openned their doors in 1999.  They have a great...

New T-Shirt Upstart with Compassionate Mosquito Mascot Helps in the Fight Against Children’s Malaria


An upstart New York based company launches in January with high quality, made only in the U.S.A t-shirts for kids. The Miscito brand ( provides a fashionable, durable product for children that parents love for its high quality, and that children love because it looks great and sets them apart from the crowd. Miscito brand t-shirts come with a world-scope message that kids can bond...

Social Ticketing App Hits the Live Music Scene


Colos-Saal – German Live Entertainment Club of the Year 2013 Reveals its use of Viral Acceleration and Social Ticketing Tools Recent research conducted by Ticketmaster shows that 40% of all entertainment tickets go unsold and that 60% of event’s target audience don’t go due to lack of awareness. New ticketing technology software integrated with a social media application might be on...

Lemonade Weekend 2.0 / Citrus Music Awards coming to Hollywood March 27-30, 2014.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: TDGF Press Office email: [email protected] web:      The Lemonade Weekend 2.0 “The Jazz Festival with a Heart” unites artists and fans to help school music programs Proceeds benefit school music students, will create long-rage career paths for many… Hollywood – November 2013 – Musician, producer and radio personality Bruce Nazarian has announced the...

Meehl Foundation Scholarships for Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment


The Meehl Foundation has four $7,500.00 scholarships available for residential Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment.  These four scholarship can be applied to the total cost of residential BPD treatment which is usually $34,800.00 reducing the cost to $27,300.00 for a 90 day stay at the Meehl House.  The Maureen J Meehl Bipolar/BPD Foundation is a 501c3 foundation that receives donations... Comments on Blackberry’s Affirmation of Huge Loss and Revenue Decline


On September 29, leading news bog comments on recent news story by Alastair Sharp and Allison Martell published on September 27 on concerning BlackBerry Ltd which reported a quarterly loss of almost $1 billion recently following the warning it issued last week, few days after the smartphone producer agreed to its largest shareholder’s provisional $4.7 billion...