“How to Work on Oneself,” a new Jens Oliver Meiert book on growth

Ex-Googler, philosopher, and traveler Jens Oliver Meiert (meiert.com) released a new edition of his little books, How to Work on Oneself (Amazon).

From the book description: “How can we learn more effectively, how can we best work on ourselves, how do we grow? That is the subject of this brief book, this short sketch by philosopher and world traveler Jens Oliver Meiert. A light treatise on personal growth, he goes over 20 paths to get to know ourselves, for ‘we are okay as we are, but we can always improve.’”

According to his Goodreads page, Meiert is working on more books around growth and philosophy. He’s also quoted to release a new book for O’Reilly in the third quarter of 2016.

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