Learn Public Speaking to Increase Sales


Successful salespeople need to master the art of public speaking. More and more, they are called upon to provide information about their products and services in a group setting. Learning to communicate effectively will lead to increased sales.

Charlie Nielson, president of CM Alliance International, Inc., points out that more people are afraid to get up and make a speech than are afraid of death! Nielson goes on to state, “Like most fears, however, it stems not from a real assessment of risks but from our own feelings of insecurity and a lack of knowledge.” Nielson’s web site, HouseofSpeeches.com has recently launched an e-book designed to help readers conquer this fear.

“A person may have a wonderful presentation prepared but if he or she lacks the skills to effectively convey the message to a potential customer, it is unlikely the customer will buy from them. This e-book will give the reader the knowledge and skills to be an effective presenter.”

Nielson goes on to state, “If you were to think about it, selling a product or service is the heart of a business. If sales are not being made, the business will quickly fold. Learning the techniques of public speaking will help a salesperson address a group of any size with ease.”

By learning the techniques of public speaking, the individual will gain a greater sense of self-confidence. This boost in the individual’s self-worth will translate into success at home and at work. The e-book, entitled, “Speak Easy: A Guide to Developing Public Speaking Skills”, is available at HouseofSpeeches.com.

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