VoIP Equipment Supplier Announces Specialized Online Tool for Pizzerias and Restaurants:


TelcoDepot.com, a leading provider of business telecommunications equipment, is excited to unveil an innovative online tool especially created for pizzerias and restaurants.

Bay Shore, NY

TelcoDepot.com, a top business telephony provider in New York, is customizing its successful phone system configurator to help pizzeria and restaurant owners find the most appropriate communications system to suit their needs. All information is given online in real time with free quotes. This new informative page is expected to be live the first week of January, 2016. Always at the forefront of customer service, TelcoDepot.com proves, once again, why it’s the top provider in its field.

TelcoDepot.com provides pizzeria and restaurant owners across the United States and Canada with reliable phone systems that boast powerful features. One example is the Mission Machines Z-60 Hybrid Phone System that can offer busy restaurants and pizza delivery shops robust, scalable and responsive solutions. The result is a faster ordering process which increases employee productivity, and enhances the customer experience.

Ideal for small restaurants and pizzerias with multiple or single locations, the Vertical SBX IP Phone System is also available online. Some of the phone system’s coveted features that will add value to businesses include, but are not limited to, auto attendant, mobile extension and multi-site networking.

TelcoDecot.com, one of the industry leaders in business communications with years of expertise, is fully aware of what restaurant and pizzeria owners need. Another powerful option for pizzerias and restaurants with up to 50 staff members is the TD-1000 VoIP Phone System, a state-of-the-art solution. With the TD-1000, pizzeria and restaurant businesses can  rely on advanced features including custom music on hold, holding queue and integration with real-time web applications.

Visit TelcoDepot.com for additional information about telephone systems for pizzerias and restaurants, including available discounts, support options, and new pricing. For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the Telco Depot specialists. Call now 1.800.390.1200 or initiate a live chat.

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TelcoDepot.com is a supplier of top quality communications equipment.  They are experts in business phone system solutions such as VoIP services, video conferencing equipment, video surveillance and phone system installation. Their highly educated and committed staff of professionals takes pride in carefully guiding customers in the selection of a business telephone system that offers the most functionality and features at a great price.

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